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Future Ready Friday: IBM PureApplication System patterns give Blue Shield of California a competitive edge in a fast-changing business

This week’s Future Ready Friday post discusses how Blue Shield of California accelerates cloud deployment to meet healthcare law compliance with IBM PureApplication System. With their newly robust customer portal, Blue Shield of California now has the ability to grow and shrink on demand, as… Continue reading

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Future Ready Friday: PureApplication is a game changer for IBM Strategic Outsourcing clients with unprecedented savings of up to 50 percent

This week’s Future Ready Friday post discusses how IBM Strategic Outsourcing helps clients speed application development and see significant operational savings through the use of IBM PureApplication System. IBM Global Technology Services Strategic Outsourcing (SO) professionals face huge challenges as they support and operate mission-critical… Continue reading

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Future Ready Friday: Ascent Solutions boosts customer satisfaction and IT performance with IBM PureFlex System technology

This week’s Future Ready Friday post discusses how Ascent Solutions Inc. improves server performance, speeds maintenance and backups and achieves a significant boost in productivity with IBM PureFlex System. Waiting an hour for a spreadsheet to refresh was just one clue for Ascent Solutions Inc.… Continue reading

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Cloud Day – IBM Australia SoftLayer Launch: Sneak Peek

  Next week, IBM has some exciting events happening in Melbourne and Sydney – “Experience IBM Cloud 2014″. I think it might have been better to be called ‘Cloud Day’ or ‘SoftLayer Day’, but I guess that’s why I’m an Architect and not in Marketing! … Continue reading

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How IBM PureApplication System can mitigate the butterfly effect

Simply explained, the butterfly effect occurs when a butterfly flaps its wings and creates a microscopic change in the atmosphere that in turn causes other minute changes, which can result in something much larger, like a tornado on the other side of the world. This… Continue reading

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