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If Big Data and Analytics are on your mind, it’s time to rethink your IT architecture

  With the proliferation of smartphones, social media and tablets, we’ve witnessed the consumerization of IT. This in turn has led to a dramatic rise in the volume of usable, if unstructured, data. Couple this with the estimated five billion ‘intelligent devices’ with embedded sensors,… Continue reading

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Expert Integrated Systems

Virtualization moves past the server and into networking – VMworld 2013

As a long time veteran of the IT industry, I have seen many changes in the way servers are deployed, utilized and managed. IBM and VMware have been long time partners in the x86 virtualization space since the beginning. IBM was the first VMware system… Continue reading

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Top Blog Post of 2012 Countdown: Is the IBM PureFlex System ready for private cloud?

Coming in at number four in our countdown is Vijay Bhadriraju blog post discussing whether PureFlex System is ready for private cloud. This post originally appeared on the Expert Integrated Systems blog on May 30, 2012. In my previous blog, Key differences between IBM PureFlex System… Continue reading

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Top Blog Post of 2012 Countdown: IBM PureFlex System offers you the privilege of configuring a real customized chassis

Up next in our top blog posts of 2012 comes from Rush Lu, and in this post he walks the reader through the PureFlex System offerings. This post originally appeared on the Expert Integrated Systems blog on June 5, 2012 IBM PureFlex System is not… Continue reading

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How KVM can leverage #IBMPureFlex systems

  Information Technology (IT) today can be considered the backbone of every organization. It needs to be aligned to business strategy and at the same time it has to have the leverage to transform an organization. In this sense IT must be able to support… Continue reading

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