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An IBM PureSystems glossary of acronyms and terms

As someone who came from engineering (and is still a proud open source geek), I often find myself wanting to have a dictionary of terms. Just like a level-setting introduction, my favorite programming language, C, when done right, would require me to “declare” what terms… Continue reading

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Why IBM PureSystems and what is IBM trying to do with this thing?

  I talk to a lot of customers explaining what IBM PureSystems is and about the problems that IBM thinks they are going to solve. IBM commissioned a study from Forrester Consulting asking where IT Time and Budgets are going, and what the challenges are… Continue reading

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“Opinionated infrastructure” Google Hangout recap with video links!

  Did you have a chance to catch James Governor’s vlog series ‘Opinionated Infrastructure’?  If you didn’t, I encourage you to take a look.  The vlogs recently culminated with a Google+ Hangout session led by James and several panelists including: Nigel Fortlage: @nfortlage – CIO,… Continue reading

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When cooking, don’t forget the secret sauce!

I am going to fill you in on a little secret – cooks do not tell you all the ingredients that go into their recipes!  I am not talking about well-known chefs or any of the people you see on TV (although there is some… Continue reading

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