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Speed up your time-to-market and beat your competitors with PureApplication System

90 minutes. This is the official duration of a soccer game, without extra-time. This is nice to know as the soccer World Cup kickoff in Brazil is approaching. But 90 minutes is also the time it takes for PureApplication System to deploy a complete Business… Continue reading

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IBM BusinessConnect 2014 (South Africa): Learn how IBM PureSystems can change the experience and economics of IT

With the dawn of the smarter business era, which is defined by mobile, social, cloud and big data & analytics, is transforming the fundamental way in which business is done. According to Hannes Van Vuuren, Director of Software Group at IBM South Africa, “Now that… Continue reading

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Patterns for PureSystems: How to create a Database Pattern

  As already seen in some of the posts on this blog, Patterns are one of the most interesting features offered by IBM PureSystems. Different patterns are available for IBM PureFlex System, IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System. As you can imagine, the benefits… Continue reading

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IBM PureSystems: are you ready to be a cloud administrator?

  In my previous blog post I talked about the cloud administrator role and how it can be extended with PureApplication. Now let’s go deeper and discuss what skills are needed for this type of role. PureApplication can be defined as a Cloud environment where… Continue reading

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