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IBM Systems Technical University in Brazil: Why Infrastructure Matters

The world as we know it today is changing at a rapid pace with the ever increasing need to create a business impact with every growing demand for the latest IT infrastructure. The buzz words that are highly relevant in today’s technology context are Big… Continue reading

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What is the relationship between PureSystems, BlueMix, SoftLayer, DevOps, and Cloud Foundry?

  I’ve been asked this question many times by clients so I thought I’ll give a brief overview in this blogpost. In order to define relationships between these entities, I’ll first describe them briefly. IBM PureSystems PureSystems is called the “Expert Integrated Systems” because you… Continue reading

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IBM PureApplication System: Big Data and Cloud Oriented Solutions for Your Business

  Businesses are using cloud to create new services as well as extend their existing application investments, but the current cloud environment does not always meet their needs. IBM PureSystems is built to reduce complexity in the development of cloud services by simplifying processing, deployment… Continue reading

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IBM PureSystems Improves Pharmacy Operations, Health care and Beyond at IBM Impact

Tuesday morning’s general session confirmed it, IBM PureSystems is here to stay and those customers who believed in IBM and invested into this super technology are not regretting it. The proof is in all the different testimonials at Impact 2014 and in todays blog posts… Continue reading

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‘Pure’ Patterns and Platform ‘Openness’

  There has been a lot of talk in the market the last couple of years around Converged Infrastructure or Pre-Integrated Systems and how these transform the IT economics. They are considered to be the evolution of the data centers which deliver enormous technical and… Continue reading

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