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Future Ready Friday: Kingland Systems accelerates insights and launch times with IBM PureSystems

US-based Kingland Systems Corporation has discovered an unbeatable combination: IBM PureApplication System side-by-side with IBM PureData System for Analytics (powered by Netezza technology). The IT solution vendor and managed service provider uses the cloud capabilities and patterns of expertise that are the cornerstone of PureApplication… Continue reading

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European Google Hangout on PureData Systems for Analytics: A Simple Appliance for Serious Analytics

  In a world of big data and real-time information, challenges come from multiple directions. Organizations must deal not only with fast growing data volumes, but also with demands for more sophisticated interpretations of data and more rapid delivery of results. Analytical appliances offer better-optimized… Continue reading

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IBM PureData System for Analytics: Tips for analytics developers

If you’re an analytics developer, then you’re probably used to pulling data (or even worse, pulling a subset of data due to bandwidth and storage limitations) from a data warehouse and performing analytics in an external, dedicated server. But now you’ve decided to tread a… Continue reading

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The proof is in the size of your smile

Do you pass the smile test? Do you constantly have a smile on your face from ear to ear? I know someone is happy when I see them constantly smiling and this is something that I help to make happen on a regular basis! You… Continue reading

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Netezza Underground

Join the author for an advanced look at new Netezza Underground book

“Netezza Underground: 2nd Edition – an IBM PureData Adventure” is an update to David Birmingham’s book originally published in 2008 and a must-read for Enzee users. In this post, David discusses “Netezza Underground” and his upcoming webinar where he will provide a deeper dive into… Continue reading

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