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What is the relationship between PureSystems, BlueMix, SoftLayer, DevOps, and Cloud Foundry?

  I’ve been asked this question many times by clients so I thought I’ll give a brief overview in this blogpost. In order to define relationships between these entities, I’ll first describe them briefly. IBM PureSystems PureSystems is called the “Expert Integrated Systems” because you… Continue reading

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Running Temenos T24 on IBM’s PureSystems

  The FIFA 2014 World Cup began a couple of weeks ago in Brazil giving the world an opportunity to enjoy the soccer fever. With 250 million players in over 200 countries, soccer is the world’s most popular sport. 32 teams, diverse in terms of… Continue reading

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IBM BusinessConnect 2014 (South Africa): Learn how IBM PureSystems can change the experience and economics of IT

With the dawn of the smarter business era, which is defined by mobile, social, cloud and big data & analytics, is transforming the fundamental way in which business is done. According to Hannes Van Vuuren, Director of Software Group at IBM South Africa, “Now that… Continue reading

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Wait, what’s an IBM PureSystems offering? (Hint: It’s cloud in a box)

Every time I try to learn something new in the technical field, I struggle with it. Nearly every article I find assumes I am already in the domain and know a lot of the basics. I understand this, because the majority of folks reading up… Continue reading

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IBM PureApplication System powered by uDeploy: The JAVA platform for Everyone

  IBM PureApplication System is considered to be an excellent consolidation platform for WebSphere Application Server and DB2. But what about at all the other JAVA platforms like node.js, TOMCAT, JBOSS, just to name a few? Many of our clients have already chosen to move… Continue reading

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