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Integrated Monitoring on IBM PureData System for Transactions

  When you implement a new system in your IT infrastructure, there are several factors that needs to be taken into account. These decisions are often based on the price, technology, features or the time required to be implemented. There are other metrics that may… Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why The Fastest Database Is Not Always The Best

  Sometimes, evaluation of different technologies is like a search for the ultimate weapon against all odds. When it comes to data warehousing, databases and the right choice for architecture, in-memory competes with traditional, disk-based solutions. The latter is mature and has been in operation… Continue reading

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What is the relationship between PureSystems, BlueMix, SoftLayer, DevOps, and Cloud Foundry?

  I’ve been asked this question many times by clients so I thought I’ll give a brief overview in this blogpost. In order to define relationships between these entities, I’ll first describe them briefly. IBM PureSystems PureSystems is called the “Expert Integrated Systems” because you… Continue reading

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What’s Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and why should I care?

Many clients are looking to simplify their data center network and storage area network (SAN) topologies, and FCoE is one enabler. Fibre Channel over Ethernet is appropriately named because it converges your Ethernet data center local area network (LAN) and your Fibre Channel (FC) SAN… Continue reading

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IBM PureApplication System: Big Data and Cloud Oriented Solutions for Your Business

  Businesses are using cloud to create new services as well as extend their existing application investments, but the current cloud environment does not always meet their needs. IBM PureSystems is built to reduce complexity in the development of cloud services by simplifying processing, deployment… Continue reading

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