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Top three reasons why my customers considered investing in IBM PureApplication System

Since the day that my manager cornered me in the corridor and indicated that my sales portfolio would change, I have never looked back or regretted a single day with my new role! It was exciting to take on the role of IBM PureApplication System… Continue reading

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Have the drapes been drawn on your window to the cloud?

We are in exciting times. As cloud computing comes to the forefront, we get to experience what faster time to value really means. We also get to see how easy it can be to leverage the pattern engine in IBM PureApplication System to deploy workloads… Continue reading

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The Undisputed Value of Decent Execution Platforms for Your Applications

We know organizations have a gap between the software delivery capabilities they need to succeed and the ones they have in house currently. In fact, a recent IBV study reporting insights from 435 executives in 58 countries, spanning 18 industries, claims that This study examined… Continue reading

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PaaS in my Living Room

Platform as a service (PaaS) is in my living room

My cable box runs Linux. Yours might run Windows. I couldn’t care less and neither should you. We both get the same content and the operating system is invisible to us—as it should be! I don’t use my TV to admire how wonderful Linux is… Continue reading

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