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Five reasons to be excited about IBM InterConnect 2015

This February, one of the major worldwide IT conferences will be held in Las Vegas-–IBM InterConnect 2015. The conference will feature state of the art technologies and solutions, from IBM z Systems to cognitive computing. There will be live experiences, along with proof of concepts,… Continue reading

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Private Modular Cloud

IBM Private Modular Cloud design over different networks

I have been working on a design for a customer, and thought I would share it with you. Just like most information technology (IT) environments, this one is not straightforward and so there were some interesting challenges that I needed to resolve. Chances are, when… Continue reading

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5 “Must See” PureSystems Sessions at IBM InterConnect 2015

Beginning Feb. 22, around 20,000 people will converge in Las Vegas. They may be in a Nevada city, but their thoughts will be in the cloud—or rather on cloud. Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud. Of course, this event is IBM InterConnect, the Premier Cloud… Continue reading

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Complex Problem

Why are host names complex? (Part one)

Private cloud deployments are complex, as there is always integration required for the customers’ existing systems. These existing systems may not fit well in the cloud delivery model. As I work with our customers and help them migrate to a cloud model, I’m finding that… Continue reading

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Must-Do Activities for IBM PureApplication Business Partners at PWLC 2015

Leading Business Partners from around the world will meet in Las Vegas, Nevada Feb. 9-12 for the annual IBM Partner World Leadership Conference (PWLC). This event, designed specifically for IBM Business Partners, brings together senior executives from Business Partner firms to meet with peers, industry… Continue reading

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