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Sinan Ulubil is a Systems Architect with IBM in Turkey. Prior to his current assignment, Sinan was a Senior Client Technical Specialist also with IBM in Turkey. During his 14 years in the IT industry, Sinan has held several positions, including in product management, presales engineering, solution design, and system administration. Sinan holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration. You can reach Sinan at and follow him on Twitter @sinanulubil.

IBM helps customers save money with integration – A brief peek into IBM Flex System’s eXFabric integrated networking

  The data center has become a very complex environment, and every day the complexity is increasing as new services, thus new physical and virtual servers, along with network elements and storage are added into the environment. Previously there was a distinct separation between network… Continue reading

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A Hybrid in the Data Center

Energy is one of the most critical issues customers face. As demand from IT increases and new business applications are requested from IT, the data center’s energy requirements have skyrocketed, and rising electricity bills are consuming a significant portion of IT budgets. At current usage… Continue reading

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Not a blade or a rack, but all-in-one Swiss knife: The new IBM Compute Node

With the IBM Flex System x240 Compute Node, customers have many possibilities in their environment; they can chose from flexible CPU and memory options, storage, versatile I/O configurations and optional ServeRAID just to name a few.  Compute Nodes come in two flavors, x86 or power.… Continue reading

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The beauty of flexibility

When someone is talking about how great his product is, I just look at the restrictions that it has. When someone says “appliance” or “optimized for some application,” the first thought that comes to my mind is where I can use it and where I… Continue reading

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Innovative ideas with IBM PureSystems to regain control of IT

In business organizations, IT no longer has a support function; information technology has moved to the strategic center of business. Business decisions are supported with business analytics while complex problems are solved in near-time. IT became the competitive advantage in business to make the correct… Continue reading

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