Clean, clear clouds with new capabilities in PureApplication Software V2.0

We often associate the term “cloud” with “storms,” “lightning,” or “gray.” Just all around gloom. The occasional optimist may point out the rejuvenating rain that stems from them, but most people enjoy the end result versus the process to get there.

In IT, clouds have taken on similar hope for rejuvenation, along with struggle, confusion, and a gray outlook for many in an IT organization, often wondering how their tools, technologies, or apps, and the necessary skills to support them will translate to a “cloudy” IT world.

As more companies invest in development cloud solutions, and more requirements come in around business needs for data privacy in this shared IT world, various cloud providers have emerged. To ensure you’re making a good cloud investment today, you must not only look at a vendor’s current implementation, but also their overall cloud strategy.

With that backdrop, I am pleased to be part of the latest announcement around the PureApplication family. We have evolved our pattern based-solution deployment and management capabilities, coupled with an integrated system, and more recently an off-premises dedicated environment to generate a hybrid cloud solution that is efficient, scalable, and isolated to meet the needs of various industries and policies.

Wow…now that was a mouthful to read (and finger burner to type ;-).) But, what that means for organizations is that the future in clouds is looking much brighter.

How This Update Benefits Businesses

On July 29, we officially announced our PureApplication Software V2.0, which leveraged an enhanced pattern engine. Now you can separate your OS deployment image from your application image, enabling a simplified way to Bring Your Own OS to a PureApplication pattern deployment environment.

This next generation of our solution deployment and management software will run on-premises with the PureApplication System, and off-premises through our PureApplication Service available on SoftLayer.

This next generation software also supports pattern deployment across multiple racks, further adding to your deployment options that were already customizable with cloud group deployment in V1.  So continue to enjoy controlling where your applications run while letting the PureApplication platform manage how they run in real-time, on- and off-premises. It’s an IT collaboration decades in the making and a welcomed reality by many.

An Even Brighter Forecast

There were many more capabilities that support pattern deployment that were also announced with PureApplication Software V2.0, but I won’t hold you here longer to take you through those in this article. Feel free to read the announcement, and check back in the future for additional information on how patterns, and the new capabilities in PureApplication Software V2.0, can take you on a hybrid cloud journey in simplified style!


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Marcus Belvin

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Marcus Belvin is a Senior Product Manager for IBM PureApplication™ platform and Patterns within IBM Software Group. His role entails developing and executing the overall strategy around the PureApplication family and patterns capabilities within IBM’s broader Cloud, Virtualization, Application Infrastructure, and Integrated Systems portfolios. Marcus started his career with IBM as a Software Engineer and has since expanded his business understanding and expertise through a number of marketing roles within Software Group. Most recently, he served as the Worldwide Product Marketing Team Lead for the PureApplication System. He actively participates in IBM’s patenting program, has reached the 5th patent plateau to date, and often mentors new MBA hires.