IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer is your first box of LEGO bricks

construction blocsAfter watching The LEGO Movie on a recent flight, I had the thought that cloud is like LEGO bricks. It is built of many very simple parts but can lead to the construction of very complex systems. Each organization builds its cloud with the same standard pieces to fit its own requirements, resulting in a tailored cloud.

This got me thinking about each of our products as LEGO bricks. I considered IBM products from the infrastructure built on IBM PureSystems offerings to advanced cloud offerings like IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer.

If IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer was a LEGO product, what would it be? Knowing a bit of how it works behind the scenes, I initially thought it would be a complex LEGO system with moving parts. After thinking a bit more, I decided that, from the users’ perspective, it was simple. I came to the conclusion that for many, it is your first box of LEGO bricks.

Do you remember your first box of LEGO bricks? I can’t, because I was young. I can, however, remember many of the awesome things I built. I believe PureApplication Service on SoftLayer will be the same and enable many great creations.

Your first box of LEGO bricks

There are many organizations out there that have not yet made the journey to cloud or are running trials of different cloud solutions. There are also many people unaware of the IBM vision for cloud and the power of patterns. If you are one of these people and have never tried patterns, I strongly recommend you try PureApplication Service on SoftLayer, as it allows you to quickly and easily try out patterns and the cloud for yourself.

Send in the micromanagers! Patterns ensure that your applications in the cloud are like LEGO creations and built to a standard set of instructions. The pattern is a LEGO instruction manual for cloud; they are created once, but can be deployed anywhere. Following the pattern ensures no matter which cloud your application is deployed on you will always end up with the same resulting application and configuration.

Everything is awesome when you’re using patterns in the cloud!

There are a series of great blog posts by Claudio Tagliabue (@ClaudioTag) and Tom Bal (@bal_tom) which highlight the many benefits of PureApplication System. If you are interested in learning more, I recommend you take a look.

PureApplication Service on SoftLayer provides you all the benefits of a PureApplication System and patterns without the need to make the initial investment in a complete PureSystems offering. As it is hosted in SoftLayer, it also provides an enterprise hybrid cloud solution for your applications.

Within a few hours of signing up to the service you can extend your enterprise applications and strategy to the cloud by deploying applications and patterns in SoftLayer. Since there is also a 30 day trial at no charge for SoftLayer, why not take advantage of some free hosting and see the power yourself?

Your LEGO brick extras to complete your set

For organizations who are already using IBM PureApplication System, PureApplication Service on SoftLayer can be the box of LEGO bricks you get that has the missing pieces to finish your LEGO masterpiece. The service allows you to extend your on-premises cloud to an off-premises hybrid cloud solution for development and testing, cloud bursting, geographic expansion, globalization solutions and more. As with LEGO bricks, you’re only limited by your imagination.

You really should get to know more about PureApplication Service on SoftLayer. It’s awesome, and these are my favorite resources for more info:

  1. Video series: Experts answer top five questions about PureApplication Service on SoftLayer
  2. Jason McGee (an IBM Fellow) explains how you can deploy PureApplication patterns on SoftLayer
  3. PureApplication Service on SoftLayer weekly webinars
  4. Mary Mt Pleasant’s (@mtpmary) tasty peanut butter and jelly blog post
  5. Amit Acharya’s blog post “PureApplication Service on SoftLayer: The missing link that completes the cloud puzzle

I also recommend you view the IBM Hybrid Cloud website for more information on how you can extend your current cloud with IBM cloud technologies.

What kind of creations do you imagine with PureApplication Service on SoftLayer? If you like LEGO products or are interested in cloud, IBM and expert integrated systems, please follow me on Twitter @AshSimpson2060.

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