Future Ready Friday: Bon-Ton Stores gains customer insights quickly with IBM PureData System for Analytics

For today’s Future Ready Friday post post we are discussing Bon-Ton and how they used  IBM PureData System for Analytics to support a big data and analytics solution.

BonTonFBOperating 275 department stores in 23 states, Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., focuses on providing customers with an innovative and convenient shopping experience. However, with shopping options expanding daily, discovering exactly what today’s empowered consumers want presents a challenge for retailers.

“A customer now expects to be able to be in our store and to pull up on their smartphone and look at product reviews, and be able to price shop right there,” says Paula Post, group vice president of merchandise optimization for Bon-Ton. In this new, accelerated world of retailing, she says, “I need some way to understand what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, without having direct contact with them.”

Bon-Ton turned to IBM PureData System for Analytics to support a big data and analytics solution. The new system replaced slower and more dispersed data collection and analysis.

“Before we implemented the big data and analytics, our buyers and planners spent a lot of time pulling bunches of data and putting it in a big spreadsheet to try to glean information out of that,” says Post in a new video, “Bon-Ton optimizes the client experience with IBM PureData for Analytics.”

Now, busy buyers and planners can consult one simplified page. “It pulls up their top sellers for the week, and they can change the time frame to see the entire season,” Post explains.

The expanded analytics available with PureData System give Bon-Ton professionals the ability to spot trends as soon as they begin to emerge. The results also help the company make decisions to drive the business. One example: Advertising can be targeted to promote products that are top of mind with customers.

Bon-Ton is using PureData System for Analytics to help its stores become the places consumers in their markets turn to first.

“PureData for Analytics is what’s going to help us understand what the customers want when they walk into my stores,” Post says.

Learn more about how IBM PureData for Analytics can give your organization a competitive edge in this case study.



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