SoftLayer and PureApplication System are like peanut butter and jelly: good apart and even better together!

Ever since attending IBM Pulse in March 2014, I have been eagerly awaiting an update on PureApplication Services on SoftLayer, and at IBM Impact in Las Vegas last week, IBM confirmed plans for the general availability of this unique solution in June 2014.  In a nutshell, PureApplication Services on SoftLayer allows you to leverage cloud economics while running your own applications and maintaining isolation.

PureApplication Service SoftLayer

The combination of these two technologies is very powerful for any client who needs Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities, which seems like almost everybody in our fast-paced industry. PureApplication System Management layer and patterns provide accelerated time to market, repeatability and ease of use while SoftLayer contributes remarkable flexibility in terms of time, location and capital investment.

Jason McGee, IBM Fellow and CTO PureApplication System, summarizes the value in this two-minute video.

Potential Future Uses of PureApplication Services on SoftLayer

PureApplication Services on SoftLayer have many exciting implications.

For clients who are new to PureApplication System:

  1.  Pilots and Proofs of Concept — SoftLayer is an ideal environment for experimentation with a new technology or a new business project. Patterns for implementing numerous middleware products and applications are available through the IBM Cloud Marketplace and the PureSystems Centre. Why spend the countless hours required to procure and build out infrastructure resources? You could spin up an environment in SoftLayer in minutes instead of months for a fraction of the cost.  If your project is successful, you can choose between on-premise or off-premise alternatives. If your project is unsuccessful, you will have minimized your invested time and money.  As the saying goes, “If you’re going to fail, fail early and fail fast.”  Perhaps we should add “fail cheaply.”
  2.  Projects with an impending deadline — Some clients need a solution and they need it as soon as possible. You may have an impending regulatory deadline or simply a need to get to market before your competition. How can you be nimble?  PureApplication Services on SoftLayer may allow you to circumvent bureaucracy to focus on the business need.

And, for those who have already invested in PureApplication System:

  1. Disaster Recovery — The import and export capability in PureApplication System allows for the movement of patterns between on-premise and off-premise locations. This means that your pattern running in your data center can be packaged up and redeployed to remote Pure Application System on SoftLayer. For some, this may be a low-cost alternative instead of maintaining an idle disaster recovery site. 
  2. Capacity Safety Valve — Do you anticipate either unexpected or planned spikes in capacity? Today, most companies size for the worst case scenario. They build out systems to support an annual enrollment period, Cyber Monday or an unexpected event. Preferably, they could use the previously mentioned export/import capability to move non-critical workloads, such as development and test, to the public cloud and free up capacity for production. In my opinion, this seems to be one of the easiest and lowest risk entry points into hybrid cloud.
  3. Geographic Diversity — There may be situations where having an application located in one of the SoftLayer data centers spread throughout the world is advantageous for performance, regulatory or financial reasons. SoftLayer plans to expand its global footprint to 40 additional data centers this year. For more information about IBM’s plans for expansion, see the IBM Press Release (IBM Commits $1.2 Billion to Expand Global Cloud Footprint).

These are some of the most likely use cases I foresee with PureApplication Services on SoftLayer. What do you predict? If you would like to continue the conversation, comment below or connect with me on Twitter @mtpmary.

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