Patterns make my heart go pitter patter!

valentinedatagramfacebookpatternsWith over 200 patterns available on PureApplication Systems to choose from, picking just one pattern that causes my heart to pitter patter is tough. However, I will try to pick my top 3 for this week.

First, the entire concept of a pattern – elements combined together that can be repeated time and time again with the same result. The pattern concept alone definitely engages the pitter of my heart. Joe Bohn in his blog post: Getting back to the basics shares his definition of a pattern as:

“A pattern is a collection of elements that describes a complete software solution, potentially involving multiple interconnected systems, as a single entity.  All of the knowledge to create, configure, and support every aspect of the solution is included in the pattern.  Once created, these patterns can be easily shared and reused by others who don’t have (and now don’t need) the same level of expertise”

My first pattern to share has to be the IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern. Why? My cell phone is charging right next to my laptop! This PureApplication System pattern provides a complete mobile development environment with optimized runtime middleware among other features. From an infrastructure and development standpoint, the question isn’t when are we going to be mobile, the question is why are we not there yet and what do we need to be there…yesterday! With the mobile pattern, this allows for an environment that can be repeatedly deployed in minutes vs days. Once the application is written and ready for deployment, PureApplication System’s built in scaling policies can be configured to meet your peak usage. Is there more to this pattern – yes this short video gives a great introduction:

The expert integrated systems blog has had a number of posts regarding Business Intelligence Patterns. The Business Intelligence Pattern with Blu Acceleration as described by James Kobielus  is “designed for high-speed BI analytics on large volumes of data that use DB2 as their underlying database, or  that can be brought from other systems into the BLU Acceleration landing zone”.  Do I need to say more – high speed analytics on large volumes of data. Having analytics available to decision makers allows you to address opportunities or make changes that will benefit your business. In our hyper-connected world not having access to analytics could seriously impact a company’s bottom line!

The final pattern that gives me a full on pitter is a bit more along the lines of comic strip Dilbert. Business Process! We all have business processes we need to document, automate, improve, or simply get the data points that are needed to retire it. The Business Process Manager Application Pattern provides clients the ability to ‘focus our critical resources on value-add activities and less on installation, configuration, and management’. In addition, it helps to proliferate business process management from a single project to a program across your enterprise’. Is it possible that BPM implementations companies would reduce the ‘content/topics’ for Dilbert?  Take a tour of this pattern and its functionality in this YouTube video “Accelerate Efficiency with Business Process Management

These three patterns are simply a subset of the library of patterns available to run on PureApplication Systems. What pattern makes your heart pitter patter? Stop by the PureSystems Booth at Pulse February 24 – February 26, 2014 to tell us or ask questions about PureApplication System Patterns to our highly skilled ‘love doctors’.


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