Locate answers to complex, data-heavy queries quickly with cloud-ready IBM PureApplication and PureData for Analytics Systems

Since the IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems debuted in 2012, IBM has shipped more than 10,000 systems. To mark that milestone, we are presenting a series of stories about clients whose operations were transformed by IBM PureSystems.

ESRI2_FBWhere do you turn when someone needs to know, “How much beach does our coastline have?” or “What is the most remote spot in the country?”

More than 350,000 government and private organizations around the globe rely on Esri geographic information system (GIS) software applications for a wide range of applications. Mapping is a complex, data-intensive process, and IBM Business partner Esri works constantly to improve the solutions it offers and to accelerate how quickly users receive answers to queries.

The company’s latest innovation is implementing IBM PureApplication System and IBM PureData System for Analytics units. These systems are built for speed, and they are helping Esri deploy new applications faster and perform complex analytics faster, too. Even better, the applications are cloud ready.

“We deal with a lot of hybrid clouds, especially in the federal space where agencies need their data behind their firewall but want to access our base maps via the cloud,” explains Steve Trammell, strategic alliances marketing manager, Corporate Alliances and IT Marketing for Esri. “We can deploy our application on the IBM PureApplication System in the cloud and support on-site spatial in-database analytics on the IBM PureData System for Analytics. And it’s a win-win for everybody.”

Esri customers use its GIS applications for many issues, from city planning and traffic control to tracking disease outbreaks in wildlife populations and disaster recovery. In fast-moving incidents, getting answers quickly is critical. PureData System for Analytics has a high-performance, massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture with the geospatial analytic capabilities embedded in the database itself. This reduces unnecessary data movement and significantly speeds processing.

“With the IBM PureData System for Analytics, we can reduce the time to analyze complex GIS data from days to minutes—a more than 98 percent improvement,” reports Trammell.

Esri itself benefited from how quickly the PureSystems platforms were installed.

“It used to be that we’d need weeks and months to implement new hardware,” says Trammell. “With the IBM PureApplication System, that just goes away. I equate it to installing a refrigerator. You wheel it in, plug it in and make sure the icemaker is hooked up. It’s almost that simple.”

Trammell said none of the competing systems can deliver what PureApplication System and PureData System for Analytics provided.

You can learn more about the Esri experience from the full case study or our latest video below.


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