PureApplication Systems – How do I do that again?

HiResThe PureApplication Systems subject matter experts, developers and administrators, leverage the Expert Integrated Systems blog to share ‘how to’ posts to provide guidance on the PureApplication Systems journey. Posts range from how to manage the system to leveraging the available patterns. Let me share with you a few of the more recent ‘how to’ posts. Make sure to have your bookmark option ready!


Angelo Littera, Senior Technology Architect, wrote a ‘REST’ful three part series on how to leverage the PureApplication Systems Rest API.  Why? Because IBM understands integration methods are key when dealing with large systems. REST APIs allow you to integrate with existing systems.

Virtual Application Pattern

Arun Srivivasan, IBM Advisory Software Engineer, posted a two part series called, Creating a J2EE-based virtual application pattern within IBM PureApplication System. This series not only provides an example on how to create the pattern, but also how to deploy. What is so special about being able to create a j2ee based application pattern? As developers know – “speed and consistency.” Using a PureApplication System server J2EE environment (an application server and a database server) is repeatable, automatable, and selfserving. You can either create or delete your own environment as needed. You no longer need to wait weeks for an environment or one that you would need to share with others. It is okay in this instance to secretly grin and say, “it is all mine J”.

Database pattern

What is the BLU with database pattern? Martha Hoyt, IBM Senior Product Manager, gives a deep dive in her post: Get BLU with database patterns from IBM. The database pattern value for development organizations is the administrator’s ability to consistently provide databases with the same specifications over and over again. BLU acceleration according to Martha, “makes it easier to scan and find data for faster analytics”. This pattern provides gains across the board as the development team saves time and the business gets information faster!

How simple is this to implement? For PureApplication Systems clients, this BLU Acceleration feature ships by default with 10.5 release. Certain features like high availability disaster recovery (HADR) can be configured through a simple check box. More information on pattern, configuration, and / or deployment instructions can be found in her post here.

I hope consolidating a few of the more recent ‘how to’ posts will help you leverage existing and new features of the PureApplication System.


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