Leveraging the IBM PureApplication System to Jump Start DevOps

In the last two years DevOps has gone from a buzzword understood by Development and IT Operations teams to a major initiative with support all the way up to executive management.  Why?  Because optimizing the delivery of new capabilities to internal employees and external customers is directly related to innovation, marketplace differentiation and generating new revenue.  It has a huge business impact.

Businesses are working to address the challenges of today’s complexities and demand that has shifted delivery time lines from months down to weeks and even days. DevOps includes a range of capabilities that stretch from project initiation and requirements rationalization through managing and optimizing applications in production.  DevOps is not a big bang, is requires a methodical approach towards continuous improvement.

This diagram illustrates the core capabilities of DevOps and the four typical adoption entry points that we have identified in working with our clients (in the green ovals):

don thompson 1

The biggest challenge clients face: where do I start and how do I get buy in from the key stakeholders across software delivery lifecycle: Development, Test, Operations and the lines of business that are defining and requesting new capabilities ?

The IBM PureApplication System is a great platform for jump starting a DevOps program, as it provides benefits for all key stakeholders in the software delivery lifecycle. Key capabilities include:

  • Infrastructure and Platform as a Service – repeatable deployment of environments for development, test and production with the ability to scale in real-time
  • Patterns – these simplify and automate tasks across the lifecycle of the application, reduce costs and eliminate manual configuration errors.  Standardization of environments can be enforced using patterns, which act as a “contract” between Development, Test and IT Operations so that applications are deployed and configured as designed.
  • Collaborative Lifecycle Management tooling and Application Release Automation solutions can readily integrate with the Pure Application System.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Customer Application/Environments – integrated monitoring and auto-scaling to ensure SLA conformance

Take a look at some real client case studies too see the transformational power of DevOps.

The key to a successful DevOps program is bringing together environment delivery, tooling, automation, governance and organizational collaboration.  The PureApplication system coupled with Application Release Automation and Collaborative Lifecycle Management tooling can act as a catalyst to launch a successful DevOps program for a project team, new initiative or an application portfolio. The business benefits at stake are significant.

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For the next entry in this series, my colleague Daniel Berg will go into more details on the solutioning approach for DevOps.

For more information on IBM’s DevOps visit our website.


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