How IBM is shaping the future – a proud employee explains


I joined IBM in 2008 because I wanted to be a part of a company that was always innovating. Besides having invented microprocessors, operating systems and relational databases, we’re currently shaping the future with the next generation CPUs beyond CMOS and entering the ERA of Cognitive Computing.

It’s hard to keep track of all the ways IBM is changing the IT game, but below are a few announcements that I find interesting and make me proud to be an IBMer:

  • IBM is one of the main contributors to the Apache Software Foundation with a strong commitment to open source, another reason to join IBM.
  • IBM also announced BigInsights as their Big Data Analytics platform – entirely based on an Open Source core! I knew that my decision to join IBM was right.
  • IBM will shape the future of Open Source in a fundamental way. Starting with a base-lined set of Open Source components, BigInsights evolved as one of the most powerful Big Data Analytics platforms in the world, supporting all kinds of end-to-end Data Science applications including Text Analytics, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. This offering is now combined by default with IBM InfoSphere streams for real-time Analytics in-memory Big Data Pre-Processing.
  • With IBM PureData System for Hadoop, IBM PureData System for Analytics and BigInsights Cloud offerings, we now provide an easy way to do Big Data Analytics with a click of a button. The most prominent example, in my opinion, is the IBM Social Media Analytics (SaaS) offering. While our competition talks about algorithms and Map-Reduce jobs, we are analyzing sentiment of social media streams within minutes. Check out the below video for more details on this amazing solution.

  • PureData System for Hadoop is a purpose-built, standards-based appliance that architecturally integrates IBM InfoSphere BigInsights’ Apache Hadoop-based software, server and storage into a single, easy-to-manage system. With built-in expertise, it helps accelerate Big Data time-to-value.

  • PureData System for Analytics’ performance advantage over traditional custom options comes from its unique asymmetric massively parallel processing (AMPP) architecture that combines open, IBM blade servers and disk storage with IBM’s patented data filtering using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). This combination delivers fast query performance on analytic workloads supporting thousands of business intelligence application users, sophisticated analytics at the speed of thought, and petabyte scalability. With this system, users will be able to tackle Big Data faster than ever before, with a 128-gigabyte per second effective scan rate.


After spending more than 5 years with IBM, I have to say that I’m more than proud of the strategic decisions IBM is taking in the field of Cloud, Analytics, Expert Integrated Systems and Cognitive Computing.

Wait and see what else IBM has in store for the future…!


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Romeo Kienzler

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Romeo Kienzler works as Data Scientist and Architect at the IBM Innovation Center specialized in (Big) Data Management, Applied Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. He holds a Diploma in Distributed Systems and a M. Sc. in Information Systems with specialization in Applied Statistics and Bioinformatics. Before joining the Innovation Center he worked as Software Engineer and Architect at IBM Software Group Switzerland.