Opinionated Infrastructure video series: Panelists chat on Hadoop and Big Data

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On September 12 at 12pm EDT (5 pm UK time), Redmonk analyst James Governor (@monkchips) will lead an expert panel of guests to discuss “Hadoop + Data Warehouse = Big Data Burger”. This video chat continues a video series on the subject of “opinionated infrastructure.” See James’s blog and check out his most recent vlog below:

The panel includes:

  • James Governor (@monkchips), Redmonk Analyst and Moderator
  • Suzanne Hoffman (@revenuemaven), Tableau, Business Intelligence Software Sales Executive
  • Ravindra Punuru, Diyotta, Executive Vice President
  • David Birmingham (@enzeevoice), Brightlight Consulting, Senior Principal Consultant
  • Anjul Bhambhri (@anjulbhambhri), IBM Vice President, Big Data
  • James Kobielus (@jameskobielus), IBM Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, Big Data Analytics
  • Cleveland Bonner (@CDBonner), IBM Social Business Manager, PureSystems

As large companies embrace various forms of advanced analytics, they collect large volumes of data which can be taxing on various areas of data warehouse architecture where source data is stored. As Hadoop is affecting the data warehouse evolution in the enterprise, questions arise as to the role of appliances in this transformation. Therefore, this month’s panelists will discuss questions such as:

  • Why has Hadoop become critical to the enterprise?
  • What is IBM’s role in the Hadoop community?
  • How are enterprises using Hadoop?
  • How is Hadoop impacting datawarehouse transformation?
  • Should Hadoop be appliance-tized?
  • What role does a Hadoop appliance have in this space?
  • How are companies using Hadoop appliances?

To view past and upcoming video and Twitter chats, see our PureSystems chat schedule.

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