IBM PureSystems family: New management capabilities for cloud

pureflex anncDeploying environments composed of network, storage and servers can be a labor intensive activity. With IBM PureSystems family, this activity became less trouble because of its integration by design approach. The same applies for management activities since PureSystems offerings come with an application  that  enables  management of the environment in an integrated way.

As we move into a more interconnected and mobile world, delivery teams responsible for managing IT infrastructure are looking for new ways to increase productivity.

On August 6, 2013 IBM launched  new capabilities for the PureSystems family and I would like to go over some new functionalities that can enhance the management experience. These new capabilities are enhancements in the IBM Flex System Manager (FSM) application and touch on various components of the cloud infrastructure:

  • Simplified storage management (zone allocation) experience by integrating FSM with storage management through very few graphical steps.
  • Leverage VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center’s customers to manage (control activities and hardware status) Flex Systems. By enabling this capability customers have now the capability to also integrate Flex Systems into their preferable choice of management tool.
  • Increased scalability of FSM by allowing management of up to 16 chassis which can handle up to 224 nodes or 5000 end points. Also a new “Fuel Gauge” brings a new way to understand the capacity available and how to better tune the environment.
  • Increased resilliency by enabling remote power restart of Power LPARs in the rare instance of a catastrophic hardware failure.
  • New capabilties added for remote management through iOS, Android and Blackberry Mobile devices such as actions on compute nodes, Chassis Management Module (CMM), graphical view of hardware chassis map, firmware and VPD information. This enables a more flexible way to manage and monitor the environment.

I believe these new capabilities can increase the productivity and management of PureSystem offerings. In your opinion what other new capabilities could be added into FSM? Let me know from you experience what else could be implemented.

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Sergio Varga

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Sergio Varga is a Certified IT Architect working for GTS/ITD in Brazil and joined IBM in 1987. He has worked as production, mainframe, network and systems management specialist which holds extensive experience and many certifications related to Tivoli products as well as ITIL. He is IBM Cloud certified and is working on SaaS offerings doing architecture type of work and supporting deployments over the last three years. He is currently a board member of IT Specialist and IT Architect career profession in IBM and member of Brazil Technical Leadership Council (TLC). He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Technology. You can reach Sergio at and follow him on Twitter @ varga_sergio

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  1. JunSu Lee Junsu Lee says:

    It's interesting. I thought supporting Microsoft System Center is necessary as well. And I guess FSM capability to cover 16 chassies may be applied to PureApplication and PureData for Transaction soon. With this, remote power start function will be meaningful enhancement feature in terms of continuous availability. Thanks for good information !


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