Get Your Head “In” the Clouds – Top 4 IBM PureSystems posts from the IBM Cloud blog

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This month on the Expert Integrated Systems blog, we are inviting you to “Get your head IN the cloud.” Today’s post is the 3rd post  in a series that will highlight the benefits of deploying cloud with IBM PureSystems. 

As readers of this site, many of you know that PureSystems and cloud computing are interconnected. You may be interested to know that IBM also has a cloud computing blog (of which I am editor), Thoughts on Cloud, where we feature PureSystems content as it relates to cloud. And while the most widespread coverage of PureSystems happens right here on the Expert Integrated Systems blog, I wanted to share four of my favorite posts that cover PureSystems and cloud from Thoughts on Cloud.

Without further ado, here they are:

  1. IBM PureSystems, a cloud computing genie, by Shamim Hossain, Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business Services
    This is almost a one-stop shop of everything you need to know about IBM PureSystems. It talks about the need for PureSystems from a CIO point of view, includes videos, graphics and more.
  2. Create your own pattern toolbox, by Dominique Vernier, IT Architect, IBM Global Technology Services
    Dominique always does an amazing job of posting the most helpful resources for those working in cloud. In this post, he talks about different IBM products that include pattern-types out of the box, including IBM PureApplication System. He also provides a resource to the PureSystems Center, a repository for downloading pattern-types.
  3. Composing complex topologies using virtual patterns, by Christina Lau, IBM Distinguished Engineer
    This post talks about the benefits of using virtual patterns, including reducing deployment time from weeks to minutes, and enabling repeatable deployment.
  4. An appliance based approach to IT, by Milan Kotecha, PureSystems Sales Leader
    Milan wrote this post in honor of PureSystems’ first birthday, and it does a great job of reiterating the value proposition of PureSystems: reducing complexity, reducing cost, improving agility.

Happy reading, and welcome to those who might be newcomers over on Thoughts on Cloud!


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