Opinionated Infrastructure: DevOps and Continuous Delivery leveraging Cloud

On July 10 at 12p ET, Redmonk analyst James Governor (@monkchips) will lead an expert panel of guests to discuss DevOps and Continuous Delivery leveraging Cloud.  This video chat continues a video series on the subject of “opinionated infrastructure.” See James’ blog recent vlog on these topics in the video below.

The panel includes:

  • James Governor (@monkchips), Redmonk analyst and moderator
  • Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco), Cloud Architect at Netflix
  • Dave McCrory (@mccrory) SVP of Engineering at Warner Music Group
  • Luke Kanies (@puppetmasterd), Puppet Labs Founder & CEO
  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi (@kohsukekawa), CI Jenkins Server Founder
  • Adam Jacob (@adamhjk), co-founder of Opscode and creator of Chef
  • Robbie Minshall, IBM Rational Cloud Architect
  • Dan Berg, IBM DevOps Chief Architect
  • Tariq Ahmad (@Tariq_Ahmad), IBM Social Business Manager, PureSystems

The video chat will discuss how companies are leveraging DevOps, Integrated Systems, and Cloud technologies to get to market faster with a quality product, service or application while addressing addressing today’s complexities and challenges in software delivery and IT operations, such as:

  • Costly, error prone manual processes delaying innovation while falling behind the competition
  • Slow deployment to development and test environments leave teams waiting and unproductive
  • Upgrade risk due to managing multiple application configurations and versions across servers
  • Differences in environments can lead to problems
  • Development components don’t run in the test environment
  • Quality assured solutions don’t run in the production environment
  • Keeping all three environments identical is difficult
  • Agile development rapid release compound the difficulties
  • Result: errors, delays, extra costs

Cloud technologies and DevOps, an enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables clients to seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback, can help address these challenges as companies take a broader look at lifecycle management across customers, line of business/ business owners, development / test and operations / production to focus on achieving:

  • Accelerated software delivery
  • Reduced time to gather and analyze customer feedback
  • Improved governance across the lifecycle
  • Without losing the balance of quality, cost and speed


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