PureSystems makes a big splash at IBM Impact 2013 Main Tent


I’m pleased to say we shared some exciting news at the Impact 2013 conference in Las Vegas this past week, including new additions to the IBM® PureSystems™ family and innovative ways researchers are using PureSystems to drive climate-change science and water management in one of the hottest and driest areas in the country.

Right in Las Vegas’s backyard, the Desert Research Institute (DRI) chose PureSystems as the building blocks of its new infrastructure for scientific investigation (see press release for more information). DRI’s president, Dr. Stephen Wells, filled us in on the challenges that DRI faced as a nonprofit research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education, such as hundreds of researchers and faculty acquiring computing and storage technology individually, making data and resources hard to access and share. Additionally, what DRI needed was data management with high availability, shared cloud-based access and business-class reliability for mission-critical contract work with Nevada companies.

To make that happen, Dr. Wells’s group is now leveraging IBM PureApplication™ System and PureData™ System working together to provide a cost-effective, shared resource. Also, like many publicly funded institutions, DRI has limited resources but hefty mandates that include data-intensive weather mapping of agricultural water consumption from space using USGS Landsat satellite imagery— research that’s critical to the region. The institute also helps promote economic development by doing contract work with businesses in the region.

Furthermore, Dr. Wells commented:

  • “Why IBM? We needed a partner, not simply a vendor.”
  • “We needed to future-proof our IT infrastructure.” [on why DRI chose PureSystems]
  • “Our researchers are really starting to view [PureSystems] as a collaborative tool. PureSystems is also enabling our new Nevada Climate Change Portal, providing cloud-like research-as-a-service and high-level analytical access to climate change data.”
  • “We adopted integrated systems as a strategic bet on future of information systems. We selected PureSystems because it was a new brand with a great set of requirements. PureSystems is now the building block of DRI’s IT infrastructure. Processes became patterns, and patterns are then used to replicate results and prove scientific theories. Together, PureApp and PureData are providing an opportunity for cloud like research as a service.”


Two new models for the IBM PureApplication System

PureApplication System v1.1 and new PureSystems Patterns were announced at Impact. PureApplication System Version 1.1. allows for simplified disaster recovery setup done in just four clicks with the rollout. Also in the new version: more ways to deal with unplanned demand spikes, advanced encryption options for increased security and more application patterns, including Microsoft Windows, IBM WebSphere® Commercemobile, SAP and a lot more. IBM also works with more than 275 ISVs to offer more than 380 software patterns across 21 industries and announced newly available PureSystems Patterns such as API Management Pattern, WebSphere Commerce Pattern and SAP Business Suite Pattern. Additionally, the new model of PureData System for Hadoop was announced last month, which delivers a smarter way to reduce complexity, accelerate time to value and improve IT economics.

New IBM PureFlex offerings

It was great to hear from clients and business partners that are excited about what was announced at Impact and the recent PureSystems announcements we’ve made in April and earlier in the first quarter. The two models that were announced in February was received positively in Las Vegas. The Managed Service Provider IBM PureFlex™ and IBM Flex System™ announced offerings tailored for delivering cloud services faster at less cost, and support for IBM SmartCloud® virtual desktop infrastructure solutions to help deploy desktop access securely from anywhere.

Also in February, IBM made some additional exciting announcements. IBM PureApplication System has two new models. One is a “mini”-configuration providing a 30 percent reduction in power consumption with the same built-in expertise and simplified experience as the larger configuration. The other is an IBM Power7+™-based platform that offers an automatic throughput boost for data-intensive applications and up to 90 percent cost savings in vulnerability avoidance.

After the main tent, PureSystems conversations permeated across the Impact conference. See the Day 1 recap blog for more on the day’s events and the PureSystems celebration in the evening.


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