Join Chandra Venkatapathy to learn about Accelerating Software Delivery with DevOps at Impact 2013


It’s great to be speaking at Impact this year! Let me start by extending a warm welcome to UrbanCode, the newest member of the IBM family.  UrbanCode is a leader in Application Release Automation (ARA) software and provides greater business agility for clients by rapidly and more frequently delivering applications to market, strengthening IBM’s DevOps capabilities.

There is lot of buzz around DevOps, but there are many differing definitions. How do we at IBM define it? Simply put, DevOps is a business process for software delivery that can improve time-to-value and quality by accelerating the speed of delivery for Development teams and reducing the time-to-production in operations. The notion of DevOps has been evolving for the past few years and business challenges and trends are accelerating the adoption of DevOps

Software delivery is hard!  Traditional delivery processes are often manual, error-prone and impeded by organization, tools and process silos, and associated with waste, inefficiencies and poor oversight. A recent IBM Study shows  that while 54% of the companies surveyed believe that software delivery is critical, only 25% of them are able to leverage software delivery effectively today. With the shift in technology trends and consumer consumption models, enterprises are further challenged to leverage new technologies such as, cloud, big data, social, and mobile.

DevOps is an enterprise capability for continuous delivery and improvement. Customers can adopt DevOps through multiple entry points based on their immediate pains and then grow across the lifecycle.


Entry point


Sample Metrics

Continuous Business Planning
  • Timely Planning of business releases with market priorities and requirements
  • Visibility and traceability of Project Delivery
  • Time to Development
  • Time to Deliver
  • Backlogs
  • Time to Deliver new features
Collaborative Development
  • Agile Development practices
  • Continuous Integration
  • Visibility and traceability


Number of IterationsNumber of tasksNumber of Defects / iterationNumber of resolved defects
Continuous Testing
  • Testing against production-like test environments
  • Automated and manual exploratory Testing
  • Test service virtualization
Test CoverageTime to testNumber of defects
Continuous Release and Deployment
  • Application Release with automated delivery into environments
  • Snapshots
  • Approvals
  • Traceability
Time to ReleaseRollbacksProduction Defects
Continuous Monitoring
  • Monitoring SLAs and KPIs
  • Triggers
  • Analytics
SLAs/KPIs for business continuity
Customer feedback and Optimization
  • Incident management
  • Capturing Customer feedback
Time to fix production defectsTime to deliver new feature


Applying DevOps practices for Dev/Test workloads enabled by PureApplication System

Application Release automation is about delivering application with the right configurations to the right deployment environment. Application release automation capability helps with describing the release process: what changes get deployed, which environment, and the approval processed needed.  However, you still need an environment to deploy with the right infrastructure and middleware.

PureApplication system offers virtual system patterns that elegantly capture IaaS and PaaS ; and automatically deployed.  Dev and Ops stakeholders collaborate and create virtual system patterns enabling standardized delivery and production-like environment to which releases can be deployed.

For example, using Application Release automation and PureApplication System capabilities, a  QA team can pick up an approved version of a build/dev release and can automatically deploy to an environment provisioned by PureApplication system and run automated regression tests.   No more manual hands-off, no more Infrastructure, middleware and release deployment errors! This is how you accelerate software delivery with quality at scale.

If you would like to learn more about DevOps capabilities and how to leverage PureApplication System for Continuous Delivery, visit us at IMPACT.

Wednesday May1, 1-2p, Venetian Palazzo J

  • TAD-1215A Agility@Scale: IBM Software Group’s Journey of Agile Transformation
  • TES-2994A Driving Continuous Delivery with IBM PureApplication Systems


DevOps: Accelerate software delivery (Booth CZ-4)

Accelerate Quality with Service Virtualization (Booth CI-4)

Agile Development for the Enterprise (Booth AI-7)


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