PureSystems at IBM Impact 2013: Day 1 Highlights

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Welcome to the Day 1 recap of Impact 2013! Several thousand people attended general sessions, breakout sessions, and hands-on labs to learn more about the products and services of IBM and customers. Also, you can watch live video sessions from your computer via livestream: http://www.livestream.com/ibmimpact.

Below is a recap of some of the activity from Monday.

General Session

The morning started out with Robert Leblanc, Senior VP of Middleware Software for IBM, joined by Vijay Sankaran, Director of Application for Ford Motor Company, speaking to how automobiles are rolling data centers. In fact, the car that Leblanc and Sankaran arrived in was a Ford Fusion concept car with over 16 million lines of code. Sankaran also spoke on how Ford leverages Cloud to control cars, data, and consumer experiences. Leblanc also stated that new systems of engagement and interaction are built on open cloud architectures.

Next, Kim Skanson and Keith Tanski from Target discussed mobile integration. They stated that Target is looking to increase responsiveness and flexibility, along with reducing development, maintenance, and support costs. This all ties into user satisfaction and making sure customers are happy when they shop at Target. Dr. Stephen Wells from DRI spoke on how his organization is leveraging PureData and PureApp Systems. Dr. Wells stated that PureSystems are building blocks of DRI’s new IT infrastructure, and that it works extremely well for science applications. Dr. Wells also states it is nice to have PureApp and PureData working together.


Lastly, Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker joined KristenLauria, VP of Marketing for Mobile and Business Integration Software, for a conversation. Whitaker spoke about Peace on Earth, an initiative he founded to help countries learn about technology. Whitaker provided great insight about mobile technology and the advance of technology in general, and left the audience with a key takeaway: individual intentions are the most important. A body of humanity is occurring inside mobile devices.

MMT: Forbes

The Mini-Mart Tent featured Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes magazine, Mike Rhodin, Senior VP of Software Solutions, Scott Sandell, General Partner at NEA, Adam Klaber, IBM managing partner of new markets for global business services, Dale Potter, CIO of Ottawa Hospital, and Hans Venis from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Karlgaard stated this is the most binary economy he has seen in his lifetime. Rhodin spoke to Twitter, say it is a river of information and data, and companies should know what data to take from that river. Sandell provided an entrepreneur perspective, stating that if companies plan on building a sizable business, they will need more capital. Sandell also stated he invests based on the potential of founders, not necessarily on experience. Klaber spoke about collaboration, stating it is omniprescent, contextual, experiential, deconstructed, and social. Venis shared that his organization uses PureSystems to solve problems and help business solutions. He stated with PureSystems, solutions were delivered in less than 30 minutes, and used On Demand delivery to clients via the self-serve portal.


Rich Karlgaard, Forbes Magazine Publisher

Simplify and Accelerate Big Data Management and Analytics with PureData

Tim Vincent, IBM CTO of Information Management, spoke to attendees on how PureData is used to help big data management operate faster and simpler. He kicked off the session by clarifying a frequent misinterpretation of the term “big data.” Said Vincent, “Many customers equate ‘big data’ with enormous size and scale.  They associate it with social media and/or Hadoop.  I think characterizing ‘big data’ by those narrow parameters causes some confusion in the marketplace.  For this session, when I say ‘big data’, I mean the sum total of data collected by an organization regardless of size, scale, structure.”

Vincent also stated companies are adding more and more unstructured, exploratory and iterative data to legacy environments. He also shared that 68% of IT costs in 2013 are related to management and administrative tasks, rather than leveraging the environment for value-generating analytics. This is where the PureData family of solutions comes into focus and provides a solution for this challenge. PureData for Transactions, Analytics, Operational Analytics and Hadoop are members of the PureSystems family and deliver a suite of big data platform services through workload optimized performance, rapid data load (hours not days), integrated management, simplified maintenance, and single point of support.

Exploring PureApp Systems Patterns of Expertise

James Kochuba, WebSphere Cloud, Shared Services Architect, and Lin Sun, Workload Deployer Plugin Development, spoke on the patterns of expertise with PureApp Systems. Kochuba spoke to the advantages of cloud and virtual, and Sun spoke on virtual system patterns (VSP). Virtual application represents a collection of application components, behavioral policies and their relationships. Additionally, focus is at the application level and not the middleware or topology level. Additionally, built-in web application pattern delvers proven expertise for auto scaling, failover, load balancing, security, monitoring, and lifecycle management. Over 350 ISV patterns are available with PureApp Systems, and patterns of expertise optimize leading software capabilities for the PureApp System, states Kochuba.

Understanding the Infrastructure of the IBM PureApp System

James Robbins and Joe Wigglesworth shared their insight on the workings of the PureApp System. Robbins spoke to the point that new client experience with PureApp provides streamline ordering. Robbins also states that the PureApp system includes advanced placement engine which considers key information when deciding where to place or move VM’s. Wigglesworth informed attendees that PureApp supports patterns for virtual appliances, virtual system patterns, and virtual application patterns.

Understanding Organizational Changes in Adopting Expert Integrated Systems

Forrester Research executives John Rymer,VP & Principal Analyst, and Glenn O’Donnell, Principal Analyst, conducted the session on how to comprehend organizational changes while adopting expert integrated systems. They spoke about how a recent Forrester research study showed nearly 25% of companies delivered projects either late and/or over budget. They also talked about how companies should adapt, and provided two key areas: changes roles & responsibilities, and change the organizational structure. The executives also spoke about the customer service or help desk, and that help desk has moved beyond it’s standard role and is really an integral part of corporate strategy. They concluded with the most important process changes: portfolio management, release management, agile development, developer support, and demand management.

Son Huynh and Vince Belfoure, both of IBM, spoke further on the subject. Huynh stated there are three fundamental aspects or organizational change with PureAS: roles, skills, and organizational structure.

PureSystems Birthday Reception

Attendees celebrated the first birthday of PureSystems. Several hundred attendees came out to support the PureSystems team and the successes they’ve had in the first year of existence of the system. The cake was made by Carlo’s Bakery, the bake shop featured in the TLC show Cake Boss. In addition to enjoying the cake, attendees met the PureSystems executives and team, learned more about PureSystems and all its offerings and benefits, and enjoyed food and beverages. The reception was well received and was a testament to the hard work the entire PureSystems team has put in over the last year to make the system a success.




Livestream Videos

We also hosted a few interviews on the Impact Livestream stage, as well as broadcasting our PureSystems first birthday party! You can watch them below:

ibmimpact on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

ibmimpact on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

ibmimpact on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

That’s a wrap for the day! Lot of great insight and knowledge was shared throughout the day, and we have more great sessions and labs throughout the week. Stay tuned for Tuesday’s recap!


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