How to integrate Windows into IBM PureApplication System

Even though Windows is not currently officially supported by IBM PureApplication Systems, there are many customers that need the workaround to support their application running in Windows.

Here are the major steps to install Windows 2008 on IBM PureApplication.

1. Build a virtual machine (VM) with Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Edition (32bit) using VMWare Workstation 8.0.

a)    Create a new VM.

b)    Add network configuration: Bridged

c)     Install Windows 2008 Server with default parameters.

2. Configure the VM using VMWare.

a)    Install VM Tools and VNC and configure WinVNC as a service

b)    Copy commands cat, cp, grep, awk and sed into C:\Windows\System32 directory for future running on command line mode.

c)     Create two temp directories C:\Windows\IBM\tmp and C:\Windows\IBM\log, then copy Network Configuration running file: Win2K8NIC2.exe into C:\Windows\IBM

d)    Configure C:\Windows\IBM\Win2K8NIC2.exe as an automatic startup task for Windows

3.  Export OVA file from VMWare

a)    Export VM into OVA file using VMWare commands.

b)    Here is an example:
rem VMware Export Windows 2008 OVA file

cd /d D:\Apps\VMware8\Workstation\OVFTool


ovftool.exe -tt=OVA “F:\vms\IpasWin2K8\IpasWin2K8.vmx” D:\IpasWin2K8.ova

4. Import OVA file into IBM PureApplication Systems (IPAS)

a)    Login IPAS Consol. Select “System Console.” Select “Virtual Appliances” under “Cloud” menu.

virtual application 1

b)    Import a new virtual appliance

virtual application 2

c)     Verify the result after importing

 virtual application 3

5. Deploy on IPAS

a)    Click deploy  button on previous screen. Input the IP address:

Virtual Application 5

b)    The final result of the deployment.

6. Verify the Windows Server

a)    Use VNC Client to connect to the deployed Windows Server:

virtual application 6


b)    After login, the network configuration is set correctly including IP, hostname, and default gateway.

 virtual application 7


If you have any questions or you need the detailed document, please contact Rice Chen at

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