Recap of PureSystems Twitter Chat: Managed Service Providers, Cloud, and Expert Integrated Systems

Recap of PureSystems Twitter Chat: Managed Service Providers, Cloud, and Expert Integrated Systems

#IBMPureChat is an open community Twitter Chat event run by IBM and offers everyone the opportunity to interact with experts in the integrated systems market.

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On February 6, 2013 the @IBMPureSystems handled hosted a Twitter Chat with ClabbyAnalytics analyst Joe Clabby on the topic of Expert Integrated Systems, Midsize Businesses, and the role of Managed Services Providers (MSPs)  in helping leverage Cloud delivery.   Below is a recap of the chat. 

Welcome to our #IBMPureChat! We will be discussing #PureSystems, Midsize Businesses, & role of MSPs in cloud delivery– PureSystems
Today’s Twitter Chat is moderated by Joe Clabby @Clabbyanalytics president of Clabby Analytics #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
Our Panelists include Marc Haberkorn, @MarcHaberkorn Senior Product Manager #PureApp System #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
Timothy Alpers – @tjnz77 – member of the product marketing team for IBM #PureFlex System #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
Timothy Tsao – @timothy_tsao – Global MSP Marketing Leader for @MidmarketIBM #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
And Kumar Malavalli – @KumarMalavalli , InMage Co-Founder & CEO #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
Now onto our first question! #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems

Questions One: Why would a managed service provider want to adopt IBM’s PureSystem architecture?

a.MSPs make money by operating their information systems environments BETTER than enterprises. #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
Don’t build your own systems – you can’t build your clients for that. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
Cloud based recovery services by InMage with pure systems – unique value for MSPs #IBMPureChatKumar Malavalli
A1: With #PureSystems, MSPs can integrate their own expertise with the expertise of IBM and its biz partners to deliver value #IBMPureChatMarc Haberkorn
PureSystems are turnkey deployments #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
a1 Another reason, PureSystems provide high utilization — so you get better ROI #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
PureSystems have built in expertise and deep integration that enables that lower cost of operation and high availability. #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
PureSystems is pre-integrated, allows them to speed client app deployments and bill right away #ibmpurechatTim Tsao
MSP’s want to quickly get revenue flowing against their capex #ibmpurechatTim Tsao
A1. Simplicity, pre-integrated storage, Compute, network and software; common management; reduction of deployment time. #IBMPureChatKumar Malavalli
A1 – Investment to being operational is fast, very fast. IaaS setup is quick for large scale deployments #ibmpurechatKevin McCarthy
@itydntk Agree, agree, agree. Scale is the key word here too, start at the right size now, need scale as my biz grows. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
Which type of MSP service type do you see as the best fit for #PureSystem ?#IBMPureChatSteven Dickens – IBM
@StevenDickens3 A1 There’s a wide range — Clouds are a natural, business applications with PureApplication, many many #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@StevenDickens3 #PureSystems are flexible, but the most value is delivered when #patterns are leveraged in the MSP service #IBMPureChatMarc Haberkorn
@StevenDickens3 Many client apps going to the cloud – like SaaS is ideal for PureApplication esp with hundreds ISV patterns #ibmpurechatTim Tsao
Public or Private or both? #ibmpurechatSteven Dickens – IBM
@StevenDickens3 Definitely both public and private use cases, but most MSPs host for external clients, so public. #IBMPureChatMarc Haberkorn
@StevenDickens3 All valid. Depends on the company size and use. Midmarket sees lots of Public and Hybrid. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao

Question Two: What makes PureSystems different than other vendor’s servers?

I love this question. please read: #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
full virtualization of resources enables quick movement of resource yielding high availability options #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
@KumarMalavalli Everyone needs your services! – what do you see as the key accelerators for companies to move this into cloud. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
@Timothy_Tsao Hi Tim: It depends on how you design the cloud. Example, a mainframe is a self-contained cloud and is SECURE #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
Motivation: Reduction of capes. Speed of deployment, reduction of opex, assurance of service #IBMPureChatKumar Malavalli
A2 Another reason is expert integration. Do you really have DEEP expertise? #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A2 Biggest difference: a PureSystem is managed as a unified systems/storage/network unit — no a bunch of discrete units #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A2 Look closely at the architecture — all of the components share a common midplane — they all see each other #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A2 When systems see each other, they can be managed as one. This is a major benefit for MSPs who make money by managing better #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
Q2 – IBM owns all the components. One infrastructure provider, one point of contact keeps the management process simple #ibmpurechatKevin McCarthy
A2: Built-in expertise. Platform and application patterns that self-manage, scale, and can be maintained easily #IBMPureChatMarc Haberkorn
@ClabbyAnalytics A lot of customers mentioned "interoperability" of components @IBMPureSummit => expert integration #IBMPureChatZeydy Ortiz
@DrZeydy Another major differentiator. You’ve got a lot of highly tuned interoperable IBM components in PureSystems #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@DrZeydy Sprawl! Does lack of interoperability mean much higher energy costs? #IBMPureChat #ibmpurechatTim Tsao
And lots of headache too! RT @Timothy_Tsao: @DrZeydy Sprawl! Does lack of interoperability mean much higher energy costs? #IBMPureChatZeydy Ortiz
@ClabbyAnalytics Also provides CHOICE of hypervisors, OS, network, compute storage and management #IBMPureChatZeydy Ortiz
A2 PureSystems are awesome when it comes to security #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
Q2: Rack-IBM, Chassis-IBM, Network Switch-IBM, Compute Node-IBM, Flex System Manager-IBM. PureSystems-IBM Experience #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
Q2: Oh did I forget to mention, Storage-IBM. PureSystems-IBM Experience end to end. #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy

Question Three: How do PureSystems help MSPs deal with security/multi-tenancy issues?

Q3: How do #PureSystems help MSPs deal with security/multi-tenancy issues? #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
a3 I am very impressed with PureSystems security. PureSystems are lock-down environments. #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A3 IBM has created a “Trusted Computing Base” (TCB) designed to prevent hackers from gaining control of systems resources #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@ClabbyAnalytics The interoperability eases the challenge of integrating PureSystems into existing data centers #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A3 TCB works at low levels such as at the firmware level, or the OS level, or the hypervisor level #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A3 d.IBM has also encrypted intra-chassis communication links — other vendors don’t do this #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@IBMPureSystems Security is designed in from the start, it is not SW deployed on top of the system stack #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A3 More on PureSystems security — its designed to close backdoors, CLIs can only be launched over secure links — more, more #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
Q3: PureFlex has three VLANs out of the box. One securely providing dedicated to component to component communication #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
PureSystems makes security built-in for an MSP, from the chip on up the stack. It’s table-stakes. #ibmpurechatKeithB
A3 Back to the question: Security. PureSystems coordinate security keys, certificates, and other credentials #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A3 this means that PureSystems ensure that security holes are closed #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
Platform for software in pure system-example: InMage multi tenancy basesDR device within Pure systems #IBMPureChatKumar Malavalli
A3 Finally, note that security policies can be automatically provisioned (instead of using humans to set up) #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@ClabbyAnalytics I often hear from partners there are higher margins from cloud services, the kind PureSystems enables. True? #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
A3: New SmartCloud desktop infrastructure configurations. Standardised configurations reducing security concerns. #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
@itydntk The theme you mention goes across all PureSystems — cut infrastructure and integration costs using expert designs #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@tjnz77 Hi itydntk — It took me six months to get IBM to explain that statement in depth — impressive security #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@tjnz77 What configurations are avail now for the MSP Editions – to help accelerate deployments? #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
New #PureFlex MSP Editions: #IBMPureChatZeydy Ortiz
@DrZeydy Hi. I was saving that for later — but you’re right — IBM has designed special systems for MSPs #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@Timothy_Tsao the recently announced MSP Edtions profiles 3 example configs of PureFlex to deploy services for MSPs #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
How does the panel see #puresystem inter-operating with the mainframe? #ibmpurechatSteven Dickens – IBM
@StevenDickens3 the mainframe leverages accelerators well. connectivity enables PureSystems to connect closely to mainframe #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
@StevenDickens3 I closely follow mainframes too. PureSystems are turnkey environments that can communicate w/Mainframes #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@StevenDickens3 A lot depends on your workload. PureSystems can easily share data. They run a wide variety of apps #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@KumarMalavalli What does multi-tenancy mean? Is it really separate instances of the image or is it just partitioning/billing. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
Although, DR service by InMage is multi tenancy based, what is the provision for multi tenancy within pure systems?#IBMPureChatKumar Malavalli
@Timothy_Tsao I think the higher margins are from better management — PureSystems cost less to manage.Integration costs less 2 #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby

Question Four: Why would an MSP want to partner with IBM and adopt PureSystems?

@IBMPureSystems in addition to market leading technology on the back end IBM provides rich front end services #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A4 Reduced deployment time; very high performance; superior management& deploy fast, bill customers, without long deployments #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@IBMPureSystems front end services such as financial options, marketing support, portfolio management, etc #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A4 MSP’s want to invest for growth, scaled for today, but priced and ready expansion for the future. MSP Editions do this. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
@KumarMalavalli You can build secure partitions #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@ClabbyAnalytics Reduced deployment time not only for the MSP to have it up & running but also for their clients’ apps #IBMPureChatZeydy Ortiz
@KumarMalavalli PureSystems deploys highly secure partitioning allowing multiple tenants across partitions #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A4: 1,000 VMs per chassis. Rack, chassis, network switches, storage, compute nodes and cabling – a few days to deploy #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
A4 IBM helps MSP meet their service levels by offering tightly-integrated high-performance secure systems #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A4 IBM helps partners with social media, co-marketing, demand generation, marketing service vendor assistance, loaner programs #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A4: I can’t convey enough how refreshing it has been to go from month(s) down to day(s) to deploy an environment end to end #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
A4 The way I see it, IBM is taking MSPs out of the integration business and moving MSPs into the higher margin services busines #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@Timothy_Tsao providing secured service for multiple customers, mutually exclusive storage, compute resources & SLA #IBMPureChatKumar Malavalli
A4 Somebody should also talk about IBM’s flexible finance plans too #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@tjnz77 RT @SteveGessner: I’m glad you mentioned scale. Could someone say more about how puresystems scale #ibmpurechatTim Tsao
A4 Let’s not forget that IBM delivers technical support from a single source #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@ClabbyAnalytics Exactly, PureSystems remove setup costs. MSPs can just get on with their core business – service #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
@Timothy_Tsao PureSystems Scale: read this: #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@SteveGessner Scale is 2fold: 1) chassis and cores/storage/networking that can stackon quick; 2) pricing that scales w growth #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
@MarcHaberkorn I get a lot of questions from sales asking: how important are ISV patterns and how many do we have? #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
@Timothy_Tsao there are over 350 patterns on the PureSystems Centre at Openness is critical! #IBMPureChatMarc Haberkorn
@MarcHaberkorn Nice! #ISVCandyStore #ibmpurechatTim Tsao
@Timothy_Tsao Virtual application patterns use workload awareness and policy/SLA to elastically scale applications #IBMPureChatMarc Haberkorn

Question Five: How is IBM helping MSPs manage acquisition costs?

Q5: How is IBM helping MSPs manage acquisition costs? #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
@IBMPureSystems IBM is providing flexible financial options along with the previously mentioned granular scalability #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A5 IBM’s financing options align with MSP business models: get the product up and running so MSPs can make money faster #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A%: PureSystems as a consolidated platform for migration reduces legacy hardware and facilities costs. #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
@IBMPureSystems Pricing options that match MSP’s cash flows and capex abilities – bottom line: reduces massive $ risk for MSP’s #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
A5 IBM let’s MSPs defer payments — so you can collect from your clients BEFORE you pay IBM — NICE… #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@IBMPureSystems IBM Global Financing also provides a buy-back option for clients of MSPs #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A5 I love this one: 0% interest over 12, 24, 36 months (look at the T&Cs) #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A5: Virtualisation and PureFlex are a powerful combination for any MSP #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
A5 In short, you can collect revenues by the time the system bill comes in. #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A5 Also, deploying turnkey systems position MSPs to grow more easily in the future– easy deployment, fast up-time #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@tjnz77 @IBMPureSystems Huge point Tim! This is so important to help the MSP replace/refresh cycle. #MitigatingRiskForMSPs #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
A5: IBM Global Financing also provides fair market value leases that enable the MSP to easily stay current with technology #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
A1 Still thinking about "why PureSystems for MSPs?" Integration costs go down, performance goes way up, manageability… #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@ClabbyAnalytics good point, and more and more businesses are looking to cloud delivered services from MSPs to reduce costs #ibmpurechatTimothy Alpers
PureSystems 3 MSP benefits: a) Accelerate time to revenue, b) Reduce technical and financial risks, c) Lower operating expenses #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
Analyst report: How IBM Is Transforming the Application Software Market with Pre-packaged #PureSystems #IBMPureChatTiffany Winman
A5 We’re getting close to wrap-up time. Key message: PureSystems drive down deployment/integration/management costs #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A5 Lowering these costs allows you to focus on application deployment and ensuring service levels #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A5 Ensuring service levels is the life-blood of an MSP. PureSystems help you do this better than traditional systems #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A5 Then add in the IBM marketing support, further IBM integration (plus partner integration) –and the financing options #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A5 With all of these drivers, PureSystems are the perfect deployment platform for ISVs #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
@ClabbyAnalytics Agree – Service level fulfillment is the #1 job for a MSP. Job done right = Customer delight. #IBMPureChatTim Tsao
MSPs get hardware delivered to the same configuration every time,they deploy their own hardware or software pattern. Standards #IBMPureChatKevin McCarthy
Do you have patterns for #SUSE and #Redhat guests as part of IaaS? #IBMPureChatSteven Dickens – IBM
@StevenDickens3 Hi Steven: To be honest, I don’t remember on Suse. Redhat is on the PasS solution. There is a pattern site… #IBMPureChatJoseph Clabby
A big thank you to our panelists and everyone who joined the Twitter Chat, a recap will be on our blog shortly! #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
Next Twitter Chat will be March 6th @1pmET and we have a video chat w/ @monkchips on Feb. 20th @1pmET #IBMPureChatIBM PureSystems
Learn more about our upcoming #IBMPureChat sessions here and don’t forget to tune into our video chat on February 20th!  


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