Accelerate Cloud Application Deployment with IBM PureApplication System

nill - cloud picThe IBM PureApplication™ System is a pre-integrated cloud application platform that helps clients transform the IT lifecycle by enabling resource to focus more on new innovative solutions rather than simply managing and maintaining their existing environment. For example, this ready-to-go system enables companies that provide a online retail solution today to extend their environment into a business intelligence platform in a matter of minutes!

The capabilities of the PureApplication System help clients consolidate and optimize their IT infrastructure, deliver innovative solutions rapidly, and accelerate Cloud adoption. Consolidation helps reduce operating costs, optimization enables a shift of resource focus to business-critical tasks that affect profit, innovation that helps you be more competitive and responsive to changing business requirements, and acceleration of your Cloud adoption to quickly deploy new services.

To further the ways you can integrate this cloud application platform into your environment has grown, IBM recently made some new announcements around the PureApplication System.  The “mini” configuration offers a 30% reduction in power consumption and a smaller overall datacenter footprint to further expand the capabilities of your current IT environment, while offering the same built in expertise and simplified experience as the larger configurations.   Additionally, IBM PureApplication System is now available in a Power-based platform. This new platform offering offers enhanced resiliency, application density, and performance all enabled by the Power7+ processor and AIX operating system.

With those new system announcements in mind, IBM stated its intentions around a number of new, pre-configured and expertly optimized patterns for deployment on PureApplication Systems as well:

  • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced and Operational Decision Management Pattern on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server enable rapid scaling of business process applications
  • IBM SOA Policy Pattern and IBM SOA Policy Gateway Pattern offer lifecycle management with policy for visibility and control
  • IBM Messaging Extension for Web Application Pattern V2.0 allows messaging dependencies to be provisioned as part of the deployment environment
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server Hypervisor Edition and IBM Web Content Hypervisor Edition V7.0.0.2 for RHEL are optimized to run on top of a hypervisor such as the one in the PureApplication System
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Hypervisor Edition V9.1 provides end-to-end information integration capabilities as a system pattern that runs on IBM PureApplication System
  • IBM Business Intelligence Pattern enables faster answers to key business questions
  • IBM Maximo enabling clients to rapidly deploy critical asset and service management capabilities, accelerate time to value, reduce costs and risks, increase revenue and optimize asset utilization

Additionally, IBM offers “IBM Software Services for Cloud” to help you build patterns from your current applications for deployment in private, public, or even hybrid cloud environments.

For the latest list of available patterns on IBM PureSystems, visit the PureSystems Centre.


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Marcus Belvin

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Marcus Belvin is a Senior Product Manager for IBM PureApplication™ platform and Patterns within IBM Software Group. His role entails developing and executing the overall strategy around the PureApplication family and patterns capabilities within IBM’s broader Cloud, Virtualization, Application Infrastructure, and Integrated Systems portfolios. Marcus started his career with IBM as a Software Engineer and has since expanded his business understanding and expertise through a number of marketing roles within Software Group. Most recently, he served as the Worldwide Product Marketing Team Lead for the PureApplication System. He actively participates in IBM’s patenting program, has reached the 5th patent plateau to date, and often mentors new MBA hires.