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Join us on February 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET for our webcast, “Speed Analytics and Simplify Cloud with IBM PureSystems.” Hear directly from IBM clients and Business Partners on how IBM PureSystems is transforming their IT experience and economics and get the latest news on our recent PureSystems announcements.

You will learn how IBM PureSystems, with its latest set of enhancements, can help:
• Accelerate big data analytics so that you can gain new insights from the volume, velocity and variety of your data
• Simplify your cloud transformation and deployment so that you can more quickly obtain an agile and cost-effective infrastructure
• Consolidate systems, applications and databases to help you simplify management and reduce costs

The video below provides an overview of the session.

Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, Middleware Software, IBM Software Group, will give an overview of IBM PureSystems via video, sharing how these deeply integrated and tuned systems capture into patterns the expertise from thousands of data center optimizations, making IT deployment and management faster and easier. Because these systems are built for cloud and tuned to specific workloads, you can balance performance and scalabilty for your critical computing and data needs.

Bob Picciano, General Manager of the IBM Information Management Software Divison, will speak on the big data imperative.  He will describe different data needs and how PureData System models offer appliance simplicity optimized for a specific data workload. Bob will also provide a PureData System overview, highlighting the analytics and how PureData enhances performance.

If you envision a future where you can efficiently create and manage an infrastructure and reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and managing applications, then you will want to hear Jeff Howard, Vice President, Marketing, IBM PureFlex System, and Jason Gartner, Vice President, PureSystems Product Management. They will discuss the possibilities for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) with the IBM PureFlex and IBM PureApplication products. Their presentation will include use cases for each system, including how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are successfully developing solutions and services on these open standards-based products.

Sharing his experience as a PureSystems early adopter, Rob Thomas, Senior Vice President of Global R&D for Manhattan Associates, will describe how he uses IBM PureSystems to make supply chain software available via patterns.

Stefan Ried from Forrester will share his perspective on integrated systems and client priorities. He will explain how CIO needs and drivers for cloud-based applications and big data can be met by integrated systems with reduced risk and cost.

The webcast will be moderated by Heather Clancy, an award-winning business journalist who specializes in coverage of transformative technology, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Register now to watch the Webcast live. And be sure to use the #PureSystems hashtag to ask questions or respond to others on Twitter. See the widget below for conversations in real-time. Also I invite you to view my blog post that further explores are recent PureSystems announcements.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask the speakers, just leave a comment on this blog, and it may be selected for inclusion in the discussion.


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