Opinionated Infrastructure video series: Panelist chat on apps, ecosystems, and user experience

Below is our live video chat and we will be providing a recap post shortly.

On January 23, 2013 at 1:00 pm Eastern time (6 pm UK time), Redmonk analyst James Governor will lead an expert panel of guests to discuss the importance of apps, ecosystems, and end user experience in today’s IT world.  This video chat continues a video series on the subject of “opinionated infrastructure.” See James’ recent vlogs on these topics in the videos below.

The types of questions the panel will discuss:

  • How do you build an ecosystem?
  • How do you manage the tension between openness and quality? Between application and platform?
  • How do you ensure partners are happy?
  • What is the optimal revenue share in a partner ecosystem?
  • What is the value of the distribution of the app? Who has the best deal?
  • How do you genuinely do “co-opetiton”?
  • What are your experiences with app stores? Especially as they evolved from catalogs and the like?
  • What are IBM’s plans for an appstore?

Panelists include:

  • Analyst: James Governor (@monkchips), Redmonk, Founder:  Moderator for the chat
  • Business Partner: Panos Konstantindis (@panoskds), OneTree, Co-founder, Business Strategy Director
  • Business Partner:  Doug Piper, Vision Solutions, VP of Product Strategy
  • Business Partner: Kent Mitchell, Zend, Senior Director of Product Management
  • Business Partner: Andrea Fontana (@net2action), factor-y, Senior IT Specialist
  • IBMer: Dave Mitchell, IBM, Director of Strategy and Emerging Business
  • IBMer: Savio Rodrigues (@SavioRodrigues), IBM, Program Director, PureApplication System and Private Cloud Product Management
  • IBMer: Tiffany Winman (@TiffanyWinman): IBM, PureSystems social strategist: Chat facilitator

Options for participating

How to Join a Google+ Hangout

1. You must have a Google+ account.

2. Add expert integrated systems to your Google circles and follow the event on our page.

3. Or, simply watch the live broadcast on our YouTube expert integrated systems channel.



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