Join us at IBM Connect to Learn about Web Experience Patterns on IBM PureApplication System

I’ve had conversations with many customers who are very excited about the capabilities included in the Pure Application Systems, like the WebApp, Java, and Database instances. In his blog post from 2012, Joe points out one of the concepts within PureApplication: the importance of patterns.

Soon after playing with the out-of-the box function, customers soon ask about what else can this thing do. The Web Experience patterns are available on the IBM PureSystem Centre and are comprised of our WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager Hypervisor Edition OVA file, some script packages, and some prescribed, best practice patterns used to create various common deployments of the products.

Our prebuilt Web Experience patterns range from a simple, standlone development-use-only virtual instance to a scalable, dynamic, fully clustered Portal and WCM deployment including preconfigured Social capabilities from IBM Connections within the same managed cell. Within the patterns, best practices as far as software included, like Connections, DB2 and IHS preconfigured and prewired, and recommended virtual machine layout topology, are all built in.

The real expertise in the Web Experience patterns is the abstraction of the installation, and configuration of a complex topology into a few mouse clicks. The steps required to build up these complex topologies have previousely been measured in days or weeks for some customers, are now complete in minutes. Once the PureApplication System launches the Web Experience virtual system patterns, interacting with the deployment is just as if you had created it by hand, so your Portal administrators can keep their application deployment, performance tuning, and other scripts to execute as-is on PureApplication.

To learn more about the Web Experience Patterns please join me at IBM Connect 2013 as I present the following session “ID202 – Zero to Deployment with IBM Portal and Connections Patterns for IBM PureApplications™ System” with our Social Architect, Barry Pellas on Tuesday, January 29.

In case I miss you, as you look into the capabilities and opportunities to save using PureApplications, I’d like to re-emphasize the importance of patterns and molding your patterns into the ideal – the way it should be. Also, to help you read more on the Web Experience Patterns, here are some links to more information, including a YouTube video showing a live deployment:



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