Top Blog Posts of 2012 Countdown: Competitive advantages of the IBM PureFlex System – Integration by design (Part 1 of 3)

Last week we announced we will be counting down the top 10 blog posts of 2012 and today we will announce number 9 in the list. This post comes from Maoxin Guo and explains the advantages to using PureFlex System. This post was originally published on April 19, 2012.

IBM PureSystems is a family of expert integrated systems from IBM, which includes an infrastructure system (IBM PureFlex System) and a platform system (IBM PureApplication System) with more family members to come. These are the first members of a new family of expert integrated systems with:

  • Built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically
  • Integration by design to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency
  • Simplified experience from design to purchase to maintenance

As part of the IBM PureSystems announcement, IBM explained patterns of expertise, which optimize the systems to the client needs. The patterns capture and automate best practices and experience about performing complex tasks learned from thousands of client engagements.

In this blog post, I discuss the competitive advantage of the IBM PureFlex System over other “integrated systems” in the market today focusing on integration.

IBM PureFlex System was designed to provide a higher level of integration for the entire platform, deeply integrating server, storage, and networking managed from a single vantage point. It is fully integrated, tested, tuned, and optimized in IBM labs and factories.  IBM PureFlex System is a comprehensive, pre-integrated infrastructure system designed to be deployed in a few hours. Because it is practically ready for work “out of the box,” it can reduce time-to-deployment and speed time-to-value. Components are configured to work together to optimize performance. With the comprehensive integration of compute, storage, and networking resources in the IBM PureFlex System, the system can automatically allocate and tune resources to the task to heighten efficiency and performance

Unified management from a single console streamlines administration. IBM PureFlex System supports open and industry standards and can be easily integrated within existing and future data center environments.

The deep integration of the entire platform components in IBM PureFlex System delivers the following customer benefits:

  • Simplified deployment and system management
  • Improved workload performance
  • Simplified, easy-to-use management
  • Faster access to stored data
  • Faster deployment and management of cloud services
  • Lower operational expenditures via improved efficiency and utilization

Some vendors use the term “integration” but all they are doing is throwing a bunch of components under a single rack and shipping the rack along with an army of experts to set it up at the customer’s site. Moreover, in some cases, the “integrated system” is the result of alliances between several vendors, some of them going sour with time. Some of the solutions from alliances are piece-parts from multiple vendors.

Clients have to deal with multiple UIs from separate vendors to manage the solution.

There are also lots of scalability restrictions because some of these pieces do not scale. Perhaps a component from one vendor is scalable and the vendor tries to highlight that feature, but the components from the other vendors cannot scale at the same rate. So, when you look at the solution as a whole, scalability restrictions exist even when one of the components might be highly scalable.

Some vendors integrate only a couple of components well, for example x86 servers and network but not the entire platform. They have very limited integration capabilities with existing data center environments.

In summary, IBM PureFlex System provides deep integration of platform components, providing the value customers can expect from that level of integration, unlike other vendors that claim to have “integrated systems” by sweeping parts from a multi-vendor alliance under the rack.


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