IBM PureSystems: are you ready to be a cloud administrator?


In my previous blog post I talked about the cloud administrator role and how it can be extended with PureApplication. Now let’s go deeper and discuss what skills are needed for this type of role.

PureApplication can be defined as a Cloud environment where we can deploy Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. It has an embedded provisioning mechanism and through its pattern based technology web applications can be deployed quickly and easily.

In a single Rack it has switches, storage, servers, a virtualization layer and a provisioning technology all integrated by design. This makes PureApplication resource and skilled less intensive to maintain. Many of technical management activities performed by traditional IT management are integrated in a single system, e. g.., that makes PureApplication easily to manage which will require less labor to maintain.

From an unique screen the administrator can manage the entire system environment.

And also all applications deployed can also be monitored from a single view.

With that integrated information the cloud administrator will not require deeper skill to be able to manage the environment. Let’s see what kind of skills the cloud administrator should have to manage Puresystems. I am referring some IBM Redbooks that can give to a cloud administrator the documentation needed to support PureApplication:

Below is a Redbook about overview of PureAplication:

Below is a list of all Redbooks related to PureSystems:

Going to specific technologies it would be good to have minimum skills on:


–          Overview of storage technology and V7000 (


–          Overvierw of network technologies used in PureApplication

–          (


–          Overview of provisioning software used in PureApplication


With all that information a cloud administrator can be able to manage the cloud environment deploy by PureAplication.


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