“We’ve Seen the New Doors”: Expert IT Event Recap, Resources & Comparison to Engineered Systems


Now that the covers are off, or as we in IBM like to say, you have seen the new doors, I wanted to dive a little deeper on some of the comparisons I made last week to engineered systems, and also delve into some other competitors and how our Expert Integrated, IBM PureData Systems stack up.

I am going to start off a series of posts looking deeper at the PureData Systems and comparing them to Oracle Engineered Exadata system. But first of I want to just compare Engineered and Expert Integrated systems at a higher level.

In my opinion there are major differences between a system engineered to work together and one that has been expertly integrated. One of the biggest differences is maintenance. IBM’s expert integrated systems have the same, single, console to manage, monitor, and maintain the entire system. So for example, there is a software update for the system, you use the single console to update all parts of the system at the same time.

An engineered system is still just a number of components that have been put together, and when there is maintenance required, each individual component has it’s own tool, or tools, for monitoring and applying updates. As an example, Oracle Exadata has the different components, the storage servers, the database servers, and the InfiniBand network. And guess what, each different tier has different tools for maintenance. Below are a list of the different tiers and the tools used to patch them as presented by Doug Utzig, James Viscusi, and Ron Weiss from Oracle in Session CON8276; Exadata Database Machine Administration: Responsibilities and Best Practices[1]:

  • The Exadata storage servers use patchmgr for the storage server software.
  • The database servers use YUM for Linux and PKG for Solaris to update the OS and firmware, OPatch for the database software quarterly patches, and OUI and DBUA for any patch set on top of the quarterly patches.
  • And the InfiniBand switch uses ILOM for all patches.

That is SEVEN different tools that the DMAs (Database Machine Administrators, a term coined by Oracle) need to choose from, use, and coordinate the order of whenever they need to patch their system.

So, I want to ask you a question, do you want to use an Expert Integrated System, or one that simply has been “Engineered to Work Together”? Feel free to ask questions and/or share your opinion in the comments below.

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[1] The presentation can be found here: http://myexpospace.com/oracle2012/smupload/scloader.cfm?SCID=40861435-4d59-468a-b739-dbefae9e8a6a


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