A Shout Out from the Eye of the Storm


As I write this we’re in a momentary bit of a respite; having just come of the huge, multi-city launch of the PureData System and busy with the run-up to the (also huge) IBM Information On Demand (IOD)  show in Las Vegas that for many of us began on Saturday and continues straight on through to Thursday.

It’s times like this that you really do have a chance to sit back and appreciate the team of people that it takes to make these sorts of launches and events real. It may sound trite, but it’s a full-team effort, cutting through every corner of the broader organization. This is not a personal shout-out but a general one to those who made it happen, kept things together with fast-approaching deadlines and pitched in, both individually and collectively, in areas that are not part of their normal remit just to get things done resulting in an extremely successful result. They each know who they are.

So without further ado, THANKS!


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Phil Francisco

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