Consolidate and optimize diverse workloads using IBM PureApplication System

Businesses are currently facing the challenge in running their data centers in a cost-effective way, and are incurring significant costs and IT resources in maintaining their systems. These systems are either not efficiently used or under utilized, consuming lot of floor space in the data centers. Businesses are not able to get the ROI for the various workloads they are running on these systems when they measure the cost per workload or cost per transaction.

Is your business or organization facing this challenge? If yes, I suggest you read through this blog post where I propose an optimized workload consolidation solution that can help you overcome the challenge.

IBM announced a new family of expert integrated systems on April 11, 2012; in particular I would like to grab your attention to the IBM PureApplication System from this family. The IBM PureApplication System is a complete ready-to-go platform system with pre-integrated network, storage, memory and compute capacity, with industry best practices incorporated at all levels of the platform, and intelligent patterns based software deployment capabilities using VMWare virtualization the following figure shows.

Before I talk about optimized workload consolidation let’s take a quick look at each of the hardware and pre-entitled software components in IBM PureApplication System.


IBM PureApplication System is available in four configurations; the one shown in the figure is the Full Rack High Performance Model. This model contains 38 Intel Compute nodes:

  • Each node represents a 16-core blade with two Intel Romley 8-core Sandy Bridge chips totaling 16 cores per blade or 32 threads with hyperthreading enabled
  • Each node has 192 GB RAM.
  • Each node is equipped with a 40 GB Ethernet trunk for network traffic and 8 Gb Fibre Channel connection for external storage from the IBM Storwize V7000.

A total of 54 TB of HDD and 6.4 TB of SSD storage are provided by the IBM Storwize V7000 Controller and Expansion nodes. From this description you can imagine the amount of processing power the IBM PureApplication System has.


IBM PureApplication System comes with pre-entitled IBM software in the form of pre-built virtual system and virtual application patterns. The pre-entitled software and pre-built patterns are significantly optimized using industry best practices. You can learn more about these patterns by viewing this video: IBM PureApplication System Overview – Patterns of Expertise. You can also create your own custom patterns that are not limited to these pre-built patterns. The pre-entitled software includes:

  • WebSphere Application Server
  • DB2
  • IBM Data Mart Pattern
  • IBM Transactional Database Pattern
  • IBM Web Application Pattern
  • Java Pattern

Using the ample hardware, optimized software, and virtualized deployment patterns, you can consolidate all your existing workloads (web servers, messaging servers, application servers, database servers, java applications, and also third-party software) running on commodity hardware to IBM PureApplication System. The deployment patterns in IBM PureApplication System support complete high availability, scalability, and resilience to meet your existing service level agreements (SLAs).

IBM PureApplication System, being an all-in-a-rack pre-integrated platform based on best practices and ready for cloud, by consolidating your existing workloads to IBM PureApplication System you can reduce your labor costs, improve efficiency and significantly save space in your data center in addition to running your workloads optimized.

Finally, I would like to suggest that you read through other blogs and literature available on IBM PureApplication System and view this video IBM PureApplication System – Consolidate to get a thorough understanding of all the capabilities of the platform so you can make an educated decision to add IBM PureApplication System to your data center.


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