Is your IT budget in decline? Resurrect your budget with IBM PureSystems

IT has to adapt to the new economic condition; IT budgets do not increase in spite of the demand from IT department increases. IT has to do more with less, while getting the most of every IT resource. Also, IT is expected not only to support the business, but also to act as a strategic partner to business in generating competitive advantage.

Looking at the IT budget spending trend, it is evident that the majority of the IT budget is spent on management, administration, and electricity costs. Right now all companies are looking for ways to decrease management and electricity costs. The new IT has to focus on ways of decreasing costs, while finding ways of automating solutions.

The new IT has to act smart.

As IT budgets are cut, it is easy to define the budget as dead. Webster’s dictionary defines resurrect as:

  1. To bring to view, attention, or use again
  2. To raise from the dead

IBM, with its newly announced IBM PureSystems, plans to resurrect the IT budget. The goal of IBM is to resurrect and better utilize the budget is based on the following elements:

IBM, aims to do business smarter, especially focusing on decreasing the need for multiple tools for managing infrastructure. With IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities, there is a single management pane, which helps IT management reduce cost and complexity.

Because IBM PureSystems supports multiple hypervisors and multiple types of compute nodes, IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities enables users to manage all resources as a pool within a  single management screen; users will be able take control of the environment.

With IBM PureSystems, IT managers now can resurrect their budgets, IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities, shown in the figure, aims to decrease management costs in multiple ways:

  • Offer broad virtualization management capability. Make use of all resources efficiently and with high utilization.
  • Reduce manual administrative tasks by increased automation. For example, with a couple of clicks, you can create and edit virtual resources, relocate workloads and deploy virtual appliances, leading to faster time to market.
  • Reduce operational expenses by monitoring, capping, and managing energy.
  • Manage all IT elements, including servers, storage, network from a single pane. With the single management, system deployment and management is simplified.
  • With IBM PureSystems, integrated storage and other multivendor storage can be virtualized, thus become manageable resources for IBM PureSystems. This will both decrease cost and increase utilization.

IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities provides compressive virtualization management with the use of integrated server, storage, and network provisioning and mobility. Not only does IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities enable dynamic deployment and dynamic placement of resources, it has workload-aware resource management and mobility.

It is the first time in IT that all resources and workloads are managed from a single pane with an integrated server, storage and network components; and workloads are deployed according to the correct platform.

Energy is one of the most critical issues to address in smarter computing. As demand from IT is increasing and new business applications are requested from IT, the data center’s energy requirement has skyrocketed, and rising electricity bills are eating a significant portion of IT budgets.

IBM PureSystems is designed with the highest energy efficiency to fit the new generation IT: with the use of very high efficient power supplies and fans, with innovation cooling design, and with Active Energy Manager’s energy monitoring, capping, and management features.

With the new IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities, IBM is managing services, instead of servers, network, and storage.

With IBM PureSystems, IBM starts with the building block concept: As business requires new services, new workloads are placed on this platform. The platform, with its integrated and flexible environment, chooses the right components for the new service.

All that customers need to do is to add the right building blocks to the environment. With a couple of mouse clicks, everything is set up, optimally, as virtual resources are created and workloads are deployed with automated provisioning in all elements (server, storage, and networking).

For the enterprise requirements, IBM PureSystems integrated management capabilities can easily be upwardly integrated to Tivoli and third-party enterprise managers.

IBM PureSystems is a platform that stars its unique management capability and that no other vendor can match. As IT systems are becoming complex, IBM PureSystems will be your star quarterback that helps you win the fight against increased complexity and budget cuts.


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