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Upcoming video chat: Big Data Challenges for the Mid-sized Business

If we are living in the era of big data, can medium-sized businesses capitalize on this wealth of information? There seems to be this myth that medium-sized businesses can’t. Inc. magazine touted in a July 2014 article: “You might think that Big Data’s only for… Continue reading

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Speed up SAP Netweaver Business Intelligence queries using IBM PureData System for Analytics (Part 1)

Have you ever encountered the need to accelerate reporting within SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW)? Did you find a feasible solution that fits your budget and performance requirements? If not, then you might be interested in how to speed up SAP Business Intelligence queries using… Continue reading

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Accelerating cloud, analytics, mobility and social with IBM PureApplication System

Companies are always looking for better and faster ways to feature their products and services. There are four well-defined trends, often collectively called CAMS: Cloud is becoming the new delivery model for IT and is the engine for growing your reach faster. Analytics and big… Continue reading

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A quick look at password reuse in IBM PureData System for Analytics

My clients often ask me about the security features available in the IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology. While these conversations are frequently about LDAP authentication and integration, there has also been considerable interest in password encryption, history and reuse. When using… Continue reading

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The question of elasticity (Part four)

I started this series after I had a chat with some folks about software testing and the idea that having the ability to provision an entire platform (infrastructure plus middleware software and application code) and then freeing the allocated resources at the end of the… Continue reading

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